Walking a New Beginning: A Case Study on the Chronicles of Ex-Offenders in Surpassing the Challenges of Living Outside the Bars

Merianvic D. Palgan 1, Rona C. Apolinario 1

AM J QUALITATIVE RES, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 178-187

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Ex-offenders are deemed for lifetime conviction as they are subjected to neglect and restrictions since most perspicacity stigmatizes individual who were sent to prison for constant deviance. The overall intent of this case study was to explore how ex-offenders can live life after incarceration while they grapple difficulties outside such as alienating their capability to live anew. Their perceptions on the encountered challenges and vantage on the overcoming strategies they generated themselves after their release; and, reflective insights, were burrowed. Utilizing interview guide questions to instrument the in-depth or one-on-one interview of the five participants agreed from the initial search through purposive sampling, open-ended responses were obtained and carried through thematic analysis. From the excerpts of the candid data, it is found that people are pertinent for ex-offenders on living their lives after release that either trigger problems or motivates constructive-drive in overcoming. In conclusion, ex-offenders are concerned on the objective approach for challenges that impact their immediate family, risk their lives, and compels recidivism requiring them to decide adhering with conventional activities and detach from friends. Refusal to social association is their subjective approach to criticisms and stigma in the society, hence became passive on receiving comfort and acceptance assimilated by immediate family and by the liberty they are exercising    outside the prison.

Keywords: Challenges, ex-offenders, objective approach, reoffending, strategies.