“Set Your Soul on Fire”: A Feminist-Informed Co-Constructed Autoethnography of Sixteen Multidiscipline, Multicultural, and Multilingual Globally Located Academic Women Exploring Gendered Academic Productivity During COVID-19

Kristina S. Brown 1 * , Sara Bender 2, Agata A. Lambrechts 3, Stefani Boutelier 4 5, Tricia M.  Farwell 6, Alpha A. Martinez-Suarez 7, Pipiet Larasatie 8

AM J QUALITATIVE RES, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp. 242-264

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This co-constructed autoethnographic reflection presents the experiences of our feminist-informed research team, COVID GAP (Gendered Academic Productivity), a group of sixteen women who collaborated to investigate reports of reduced academic contributions from women-identified scholars during the pandemic. As insider researchers, we joined together in a virtual space with the shared goal to better understand women academics’ lived experiences of the impact of the pandemic specifically as related to their academic productivity. Throughout our work together as a research team, we have reflected on how the pandemic has impacted each of us as academic women and how participation in the COVID GAP research group provided us with the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary scholarship and collaboration. We shared our process of co-creating our research team, our intersectionality as academics, and our gendered experiences of how scholarly productivity serves as currency throughout academia. Utilizing quotes from all members, we unified our voices in feminist accord concluding with recommendations for fellow academic women.

Keywords: Academic productivity, academic women, autoethnography, COVID-19 research, interdisciplinary collaboration, gendered productivity.