Multicultural Education Integration in Teacher Training Programs: Towards Affirming Diversity in Morocco

El Mustapha Imouri 1 *

AM J QUALITATIVE RES, Volume 5, Issue 2 (In Progress), pp. 1-9

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In a diverse Moroccan environment where groups, ethnicities, languages, religions, people of color, migrants, refugees, and different identities like LGBTQs coexist, multicultural education as a framework and as a pedagogical approach to diversity has become mandatory. The present study reports about an experience at Mohammed V University in Rabat where a multicultural education course was introduced into the curriculum of the teacher training MA Program. The study investigates the feedback of three cohorts of teachers who benefited from the program. Their responses focus on the influence of multicultural education on their teaching practices in diverse contexts. Three research questions have been used, namely (i) what are the teachers’ attitudes towards the course of multicultural education? (ii) to what extent has the course content influenced their teaching practices in dealing with students from different groups? And (iii) what are their opinions about their pedagogics after taking the course? The study adopts a qualitative approach making use of semi-structured interviews with 18 respondents. The content analysis and data coding process have also classified the themes in relation to the research questions. The findings have disclosed that the course content has to a large extent impacted the teachers’ attitudes and practices towards the different identities of their students. They have also yielded very positive views about multicultural education course. The results have stressed the fact that the program should engage students more in diverse experiences and multicultural activities.

Keywords: Diversity, Multicultural Education, Morocco, Teacher Training.