Love, Fear, and Hope: Personal Coping Techniques of a Realistic yet Optimistic Daughter

Alyssa Sanabria 1 *

AM J QUALITATIVE RES, Volume 5, Issue 2 (In Progress), pp. 22-35

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The purpose of this autoethnography is to explore my experience (the researcher) of coping with daily life after my mother’s diagnosis of stage four metastatic breast cancer. Throughout this study, I will explore the experiences of myself and two other individuals whose mothers also have incurable advanced-stage cancer. I would like to know more about my own daily experiences and theirs in regard to how our daily lives have been impacted since the initial diagnosis. I would also like to explore the reality of living with the knowledge of a daunting inevitable loss, without a miracle. Through this study, the following themes emerged from the thick, rich data description: appreciation, fear, and coping skills.

Keywords: Autoethnography, Breast Cancer, Grief, Incurable Cancer, Mother-daughter Relationship, Personal Coping Techniques.