Healing Salves: Contingent Knowledge and Satisfying Surprises in Kiribati

Nick Bardo 1 *

AM J QUALITATIVE RES, Volume 5, Issue 2 (In Progress), pp. 118-129

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Through the creative analytic practice of autoethnography and systematic sociological introspection, the author engages the subjectivity of narrative self in relation to a story involving treatment by an indigenous healer in the Republic of Kiribati. Through the lens of narratology, existential introspection, and ethics the author informs the moving vantage of the present through reflection on the micro personal and macro socio-cultural educational processes that bear influence on the narration and perception of a lived experience in hindsight. Through storying and reflecting through these lenses, this process problematizes the present story, but also yields degrees of greater awareness. This process of systematic sociological introspection is framed by Freeman’s (1997) notion of narrative integrity. That is, through reflection and reframing of the past, the author hopes to focus upon the possibilities of wider metacognitive perspective for both himself and the reader in the future.

Keywords: Autoethnography, Ethics, Narrative Epistemology, Narratology