Experiences of Advanced Standing Program Nursing Students and Instructors Practicing Transcendental Meditation

Catherine Aquino-Russell 1 * , Khaldoun M. Aldiabat 2, Enam A. Alsrayheen 3

AM J QUALITATIVE RES, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp. 32-48

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Little is known about the experiences of Advanced Standing Program (ASP) nursing students and instructors who practice Transcendental Meditation® (TM®). The purpose of this qualitative study was to uncover themes from the written descriptions of ASP nursing students and instructors who were taught to practice TM in order to gain a deeper understanding of how this practice might have meaning for and influence their lives and well-being. At the same time, discovering ways that TM could be incorporated into nursing education and practice as an effective stress reduction intervention and opportunity to enhance nursing care. Thematic analysis was employed. Twenty students and three instructors volunteered and were provided with education sessions by certified TM teachers involving the correct way to practice TM twice per day. Written descriptions were collected via written monthly reflective journals over 11 months. Descriptions were analyzed from the journal entries, uncovering major themes describing the experiences of participants when practicing TM and the resulting positive impact on their lives for managing stress, enhancing productivity, and improving relationships. In conclusion, recommendations involve the use of TM to be introduced and implemented as a useful stress reduction intervention tool in nursing programs for students and their instructors. 

Keywords: Transcendental Meditation, nursing students, nursing instructors, advanced standing nursing program, thematic analysis, qualitative research.